Shaun Herron
Miro, a stodgy middle-aged spy and assassin who worked for a US intelligence agency, “The Firm,” in Canada and Ireland:

Miro (1969)
Finalist 1970 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

The Hound and the Fox and the Harper (1970)
APA: The Miro Papers (1972)
Finalist 1971 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

Through the Dark and Hairy Wood (1972)


The Whore-Mother (1973)

The Bird in Last Year’s Nest (1974)

Other fiction:

The Ruling Passion (1978)
APA: The MacDonnell (1978)

Aladale (1979)

The Blacksmith’s Daughter (1987)
APA: The Blacksmith’s Daughter, or Cuckoo on a Green Bough (1988)

At the House on Pine Street (1987)

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