Suzette A. Hill
Reverend Francis Oughterard, the vicar of Molehill, and a flustered murderer and blackmail victim, along with Bouncer the dog and Maurice the cat, in 1950s Surrey, England:

A Load of Old Bones (2005) [review]

Bones in the Belfry (2008)

Bone Idle (2009)

Bones in High Places (2010)

A Bedlam of Bones (2011)

The Primrose Pursuit (2016)

Deadly Primrose (2020)

Rosy Gilchrist, attempting to lead an untroubled life working at the British Museum, starting in 1953 London, England:

A Little Murder (2013)

The Venetian Venture (2014)

A Southwold Mystery (2015)

Shot in Southwold (2017)

The Cambridge Plot (2018)

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