Dolores Hitchens
Julia Clara Catharine Dolores (Birk Olsen) Hitchens
Jim Sader, a private investigator, in Long Beach, California:

Sleep with Strangers (1955)

Sleep with Slander (1960)

Collins & McKechnie, detectives in California [written with Bert Hitchens, 1897-1979]:

F.O.B. Murder (1955)

The Man Who Followed Women (1959)

John Farrel, a railroad detective in southern California [written with Bert Hitchens]:

End of the Line (1957)

The Grudge (1963)


The Blue Geranium (1941) [written as Dolan Birkley]

The Shivering Bough (1942) [written as Noel Burke]

Stairway to an Empty Room (1951)

Nets To Catch the Wind (1952)
APA: Widows Won’t Wait (1954)

Terror Lurks in Darkness (1953)

Beat Back the Tide (1954)
APA: The Fatal Flirt (1956)

One-Way Ticket [with Bert Hitchens] (1956)

Fools’ Gold (1958)

The Watcher (1959)

Footsteps in the Night (1961)

The Abductor (1962)

The Bank with the Bamboo Door (1965)

The Unloved (1965) [written as Dolan Birkley]

The Man Who Cried All the Way Home (1966)

Postscript to Nightmare (1967)
APA: Cabin of Fear (1968)

A Collection of Strangers (1969)

The Baxter Letters (1971)

In a House Unknown (1973)

Written as D.B. Olsen
Rachel [R] and Jennifer [J] Murdock, elderly sisters and amateur sleuths, along with Samantha the cat, and their friendly rival, police detective Lieutenant Stephen Mayhew [S], set mostly in Los Angeles, California:

The Clue in the Clay (1938) [S]

The Cat Saw Murder (1939) [RJS]

The Ticking Heart (1940) [S]

The Alarm of the Black Cat (1942) [RJ]

Cat’s Claw (1943) [RJS]

Catspaw for Murder (1943) [RJS]

The Cat Wears a Noose (1944) [RJS]

Cats Don’t Smile (1945) [RJ]

Cats Don’t Need Coffins (1946) [RJS]

Cats Have Tall Shadows (1948) [RJ]

The Cat Wears a Mask (1949) [RJ]

Death Wears Cat’s Eyes (1950) [RJ]

The Cat and Capricorn (1951) [RJ]

The Cat Walk (1953) [RJ]

Death Walks on Cat Feet (1956) [RJ]

Written as D.B. Olsen
A. Pennyfeather, an English professor at Clarenden College, set mostly in California:

Bring the Bride a Shroud (1945)
APA: A Shroud for the Bride (1957)

Gallows for the Groom (1947)

Devious Design (1948)

Something About Midnight (1950)

Love Me in Death (1951)

Enrollment Cancelled (1952)
APA: Dead Babes in the Wood (1954)

Written as D.B. Olsen

Death Cuts a Silhouette (1939)

Widows Ought To Weep (1947)

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