Edward D. Hoch
Simon Ark, a 2000 year old Coptic priest, in New York City:

City of Brass (1971) [SS]

The Judges of Hades and Other Simon Ark Stories (1971) [SS]

The Quests of Simon Ark (1984) [SS]

Carl Crader and Earl Jazine, computer cops in the future:

The Transvection Machine (1971)

The Fellowship of the Hand (1973)

The Frankenstein Factory (1975)

Nick Velvet, a thief who steals only valueless things:

The Spy and the Thief (1971)1 [SS]

The Thefts of Nick Velvet (1978) [SS]

The Velvet Touch (2000) [SS]

Jeffrey Rand, a spy and expert in codes:

The Spy and the Thief (1971)1 [SS]

The Spy Who Read Latin (1990) [SS]

The Old Spies Club and Other Intrigues of Rand (2001) [SS]

Dr. Sam Hawthorne:

The Night, My Friend — The Problems of Dr. Sam Hawthorne (1991)

Diagnosis: Impossible: The problems of Dr. Sam Hawthorne (1996)

More Things Impossible: The Second Casebook of Dr. Sam Hawthorne (2006)
Non-series books, mostly short story collections:

The Shattered Raven (1969)

The Blue Movie Murders2 (1972)

Leopold’s Way (1985) [SS]

The People of the Peacock (1991)

The Ripper of Storyville and Other Ben Snow Stories (1996) [SS] [with Marvin Lachman]

The Night People and Other Stories [SS] (2001)

The Iron Angel and Other Tales of the Gypsy Sleuth (2003) [SS]

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