Geoffrey Household
Roger Taine, a British professional hunter, who decides to see if he can hunt a European dictator:

Rogue Male1 (1939)
APA: Man Hunt (1939)

A Rough Shoot (1951)

A Time To Kill (1952)

Non-series novels of intrigue and suspense:

The Third Hour (1937)

The Salvation of Pisco Gabar and Other Stories2 (1938) [SS]

Arabesque (1948)

The High Place (1950)

Tales of Adventurers (1952) [SS some crime]

Fellow Passenger (1955)
APA: Hang the Man High (1955)

The Brides of Solomon and Other Stories (1958) [SS]

Watcher in the Shadows (1960)
Finalist 1961 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

Thing To Love (1963)

Olura (1965)

Sabres on the Sand and Other Stories (1966) [SS]

The Courtesy of Death (1967)

Dance of the Dwarfs (1968)
APA: The Adversary (1968)

Doom’s Caravan (1971)

The Three Sentinels (1972)

The Lives and Times of Bernardo Brown (1973)

Red Anger (1975)

Hostage, London: The Diary of Julian Despard (1977)

The Last Two Weeks of Georges Rivac (1978)

The Sending (1980)

Summon the Bright Water (1981)

Capricorn and Cancer (1981) [SS]

Rogue Justice (1982)

Arrows of Desire (1985)

The Days of Your Fathers (1987) [SS]

Face to the Sun (1988)

Other fiction:

The Europe That Was (1979) [SS]


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