Clark Howard

The Arm (1967)

A Movement Toward Eden (1969)

The Doomsday Squad (1970)

The Killings (1973)

Last Contract (1973)

Mark the Sparrow (1975)

Summit Kill (1975)

The Hunters (1976)

The Last Great Death Stunt (1977)

The Wardens (1979)

Traces of Mercury (1979)

Quick Silver (1988)

Hard City (1990)

City Blood (1994)

Challenge the Widow-Maker and Other Stories of People in Peril (2000) [SS]

Crowded Lives and Other Stories of Desperation and Danger (2000) [SS]

Clark Howard Collected Stories: 1960s (2013) [SS]

True crime:

Six Against The Rock (1977)

Zebra: The True Account of the 179 Days of Terror in San Francisco (1979)
APA: The Zebra Killings (1980)

American Saturday (1981)

Brothers in Blood (1983)

Love’s Blood: The Shocking True Story Of A: Teenager Who Would Do Anything for the Older Man She Loved — Even Kill Her Whole Family (1993) [novelized]

Other fiction:

Siberia 10 (1973)

Dirt Rich (1986)

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