S.W. Hubbard
Susan W. Hubbard
Frank Bennett, the police chief in Trout Run, in the Adirondack Mountains of New York:

Take the Bait (2003)
Finalist 2003 Agatha Award for Best First Novel

Swallow the Hook (2004)
APA: The Lure (2004)

Blood Knot (2005)

Dead Drift (2013) [SS]

False Cast (2017)

Tailspinner (2018)

Ice Jig (2020)

Jumping Rise (2021)

Audrey Nealon, the owner of an estate sale business, in New Jersey, in the Palmyrton Estate Sale series:

Another Man's Treasure (2012)

Treasure of Darkness (2015) 

This Bitter Treasure (2016)

Treasure Borrowed and Blue (2018) [ebook novella] 


Treasure in Exile (2018)

Treasure Built of Sand (2019) 

Rock Bottom Treasure (2020)

Treasure Under the Tree (2021)

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