Dorothy B. Hughes
Dorothy Belle Flanagan Hughes
William "Toby" Tobin, a Princeton-educated homicide inspector, in New York City:

The So Blue Marble (1940)

The Cross-Eyed Bear (1940)
APA: The Cross-Eyed Bear Murders (1944)

The Fallen Sparrow (1942)


The Bamboo Blonde (1941)

The Blackbirder (1943)

The Delicate Ape (1944)

Johnnie (1944)

Dread Journey (1945)

Ride the Pink Horse1 (1946)

The Scarlet Imperial (1946)
APA: Kiss for a Killer (1954)

In a Lonely Place1 (1947)

The Candy Kid (1950)

The Davidian Report1 (1952)
APA: The Body on the Bench (1955)

The Expendable Man (1963)
Finalist 1964 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

Other fiction:

The Big Barbecue (1949)


Erle Stanley Gardner: The Case of the Real Perry Mason (1978)

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