Mary Ellen Hughes
Emmie Caldwell
Maggie Olenski, a young high school math teacher in Baltimore, Maryland:

Resort to Murder (2000)

A Taste of Death (2003)

Jo McAllister, the proprietor of Jo’s Craft Corner, in the small town of Abbotsville, Maryland, in the Craft Corner mysteries:

Wreath of Deception (2006)

String of Lies (2007)

Paper-Thin Alibi (2008)

Piper Lamb, owner of Piper's Picklings, a pickle store in the small town of Cloverdale, New York, in the Pickled and Preserved series:

The Pickled Piper (2014)

License to Dill (2015)

Scene of the Brine (2016)

Callie Reed, whose Aunt Melodie dies at her music box shop, in Keepsake Cove, on Maryland's Eastern Shore, in the Keepsake Cove mysteries:

A Fatal Collection (2017)

A Vintage Death (2018)

A Curio Killing (2019)

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