E. Howard Hunt
Everette Howard Hunt, Jr.
Jack Novak, mostly in Mexico and the Caribbean:

Cozumel (1985)

Guadalajara (1986)

Mazatlan (1986)

Ixtapa (1994)

Islamorada (1995)

Izmir (1996)

Dragon Teeth (1997)

Sonora (2000)

Neil Thorpe:

The Berlin Ending (1973)

The Kremlin Conspiracy (1985)


Maelstrom (1948)
APA: Dark Encounter (1950)
APA: Cruel Is the Night (1955)

Bimini Run (1949)

The Violent Ones (1950)

The Judas Hour (1951)

Whisper Her Name (1952)

Lovers Are Losers (1953)

Little Miss Murder (1956)

The Hargrave Deception (1980)

The Gaza Intercept (1981)

Murder in State (1990)

Body Count (1992)

Chinese Red (1992)

The Paris Edge (1995)

Written as Gordon Davis

I Came To Kill (1953)

House Dick2 (1961)
APA: Washington Payoff (1975)
[written as E. Howard Hunt]

Counterfeit Kill2 (1963)

Ring Around Rosy (1964)
APA: From Cuba with Love (1974)
[written as E. Howard Hunt]

Where Murder Waits2 (1965)

Written as Robert Dietrich
Steve Bentley, an adventurous certified public accountant based in Washington, DC:

The Cheat (1954)

One for the Road (1954)

Be My Victim (1956)

Written as Robert Dietrich

The Cheat (1954)

One for the Road (1954)

Be My Victim (1956)

Written as David St. John
Peter Ward, a CIA agent undercover as a lawyer, based in Washington, DC:

On Hazardous Duty2 (1965)
APA: Hazardous Duty (1966)

Return from Vorkuta2 (1965)

Festival for Spies2 (1966)

The Towers of Silence2 (1966)

The Venus Probe2 (1966)

One of Our Agents Is Missing2 (1967)

The Mongol Mask (1968)

The Sorcerers (1969)

The Coven (1971)

Diabolus (1971)

Written as P.S. Donoghue

The Dublin Affair (1988)

The Sankov Confession (1989)

Non-fiction written as E. Howard Hunt:

Give Us This Day (1973)

Undercover: Memoirs of an American Secret Agent (1974)

American Spy (2007)
[written with Greg Aunapu]

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