Melanie Jackson
Chloe Boston, a 98-pound, five-foot one-inch tall meter maid who wants to be a police detective, in Hope Falls, in the Cascade Mountains of Washington:

Moving Violation (2010)

The Pumpkin Thief (2010)

Death in a Turkey Town (2010) [novella]

Murder on Parade (2010) [novella]

Cupid’s Revenge (2010) [novella]

Viva Lost Vegas (2011) [novella]

Death of a Dumb Bunny (2011) [novella]

Red, White & a Dog Named Blue (2011) [SS]

Haunted (2011) [novella]

The Great Pumpkin Caper (2011) [novella]

Beast of a Feast (2011)

Snow Angel (2011) [novella]

Lucky Thirteen (2012)

The Sham (2012) [ebook story]

Murder by the Book (2012)

Cornucopia (2012) [novella]

On the Beach (2013)

Camp Chaos (2013)

The Davenport Caper (2013)

Up in the Air (2014) [novella]

Cooked Books (2014)

Butterscotch Jones, living in an isolated far north town full of red-haired people, McIntyre’s Gulch, Manitoba, Canada:

Due North (2011)

Big Bones (2011) [novella]

Gone South (2011) [ebook novella]

Home Fires (2011) [ebook story]

Points West (2012) [ebook novella]

The Wedding (2012) [ebook novella]

Wild East (2012) [ebook novella]

Four Seasons (2014) [ebook]

Tess MacKay, inheriting a strange old house, on Little Goose Island, Maine, in the Wendover House mysteries:

The Secret Staircase (2011)

Twelfth Night (2012) [novella]

On Deadly Tides (2012) [novella]

Pieces of Hate (2012) [novella]

Mysterious Island (2013) [novella]

Juliet Henry, a former NSA employee, retiring to an artists’ colony in the mountains of northern California, in the Miss Henry mysteries:

Portrait of a Gossip (2012)

Landscape in Scarlet (2012) [novella]

Requiem at Christmas (2012) [novella]

Impression of Bones (2012)

Blue Period (2013) [novella]

Memento Mori (2013) [novella]

Eye of the Beholder (2014) [ebook story]

Drowning Pool (2014)

Modern Art (2014) [novella]

Carved in Stone (2015) [ebook]

Death Arts (2015) [ebook novella]

Raising the Dead (2016) [ebook novella]

Jane Blackthorn historical mysteries, starting in 1921:

Death in a High Place (2012) [ebook novella]

Death in a Low Place (2014) [ebook novella]

Kenneth Mayhew, a rich chap in New York City beginning in 1918:

Mayhem Mansion (2013) [novella]

On the Rocks (2013) [ebook SS]

Overboard (2014)

Mayhew in Scotland (2021)  [ebook novella]

The Kenneth Mayhew Historical Mysteries (2021)


Moonstruck (2011) [ebook]

Death in a High Place (2012) [novella]

Midsummer Murders: The Secret (2015) [4 novellass]

Moonstruck (2011) [ebook]

Death in a High Place (2012) [novella]

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