Michael Jahn
(Mike Jahn in early printings)
Bill Donovan, Chief of Special Investigation, in New York City:

Night Rituals (1982)

Death Games (1987)

City of God (1992)

Murder at the Museum of Natural History (1994)

Murder on Theatre Row (1997)

Murder on Fifth Avenue (1998)

Murder in Central Park (2000)

Murder on the Waterfront (2001)

Murder in Coney Island (2003)

Donovan & Son: The 25th Anniversary Bill Donovan Novel (2008)

“Rockford Files” TV novelizations:

The Unfortunate Replacement (1975)

The Deadliest Game (1976)


The Quark Maneuver (1977)
1978 Edgar Award for Best Paperback

Killer on the Heights (1977)

Shearwater (1980)

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