F. Tennyson Jesse
Wynifried Margaret Tennyson Jesse
Solange Fontaine, a young Frenchwoman with the gift of sensing moral flaw, in England:

The Solange Stories (1931) [SS]

The Adventures of Solange Fontaine (1995) [SS]


The Man Who Stayed at Home1 (1915)

A Pin To See the Peepshow (1934)


Murder & Its Motives (1924)

Trial of Madeleine Smith (1927)

Trial of Samuel Herbert Dougal (1928)

Trial of Sidney Harry Fox (1934)

Trial of Alma Victoria Rattenbury and George Percy Stoner (1935)

Trial of Thomas John Ley and Lawrence John Smith: The Chalk Pit Murder (1947)

Trials of Timothy John Evans and John Reginald Halliday Christie (1957)

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