Katherine John
Karen Jones Watkins
Trevor Joseph, a depressed police sergeant, later inspector, of the Serious Crimes Squad, in medical thrillers set in England and Wales:

Without Trace (1990)

Six Foot Under (1993)
APA: Midnight Murders (2006)

Murder of a Dead Man (1992)

The Corpse’s Tale (2006) [Quick Reads novella]

Black Daffodil (2007)

A Well-Deserved Murder (2008)

The Destruction of Evidence (2009)


By Any Other Name (1995)
APA: By Any Name (revised ed. 2006)

The Amber Knight (2007)

Written as Katherine Hardy
TV novelization set in post-WWI, in Manchester, England:

The Grand (1997)

The Grand 2 (1998)

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