Bail Bondsmen & Bounty Hunters
Anthony Bruno
  • Loretta Kovacs and Frank Marvelli: members of a parole violators search team, in New Jersey

Sara Conway
  • Lord Godwin: bailiff in Hexham, in 13th century England
Janet Evanovich
  • Stephanie Plum: bounty hunter in Trenton, New Jersey

Rick Gavin
  • Nick Reid, a repo man, and his best friend Desmond, in the Mississippi Delta

Ed Gorman
  • Leo Guild: 1980s bounty hunter in the western United States

Robert Greer
  • CJ Floyd: black bail bondsman, later Western collectible dealer, in Denver, Colorado

James Patrick Hunt
  • Evan Maitland: former police detective, now running an antique business and moonlighting as a bounty hunter, based in Chicago, Illinois

Michael Jecks
  • Simon Puttock: medieval West County bailiff, and Sir Baldwin Furnshill, ex-Templar Knight, in Devon, England
Virginia Lanier
  • Jo Beth Sidden: bloodhound trainer and tracker in Georgia
JD Rhoades
  • Jack Keller: bounty hunter in Fayetteville, North Carolina

Chris Rogers
  • Dixie Flannigan: prosecutor turned bounty hunter, in Houston, Texas

Michael Stone
  • Streeter: bounty hunter and private investigator, in Denver, Colorado

Richard A. Thompson
  • Herman Jackson: bail bondsman and former Detroit bookie, in St. Paul, Minnesota

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