Linda Amey
  • Blair Emerson: funeral director in Austin, Texas

Leo Axler
  • Bill Hawley: an undertaker

Tim Cockey
  • Hitchcock Sewell and his Aunt Billie: certified morticians in Baltimore, Maryland

Mark De Castrique
  • Barry Clayton: ex-cop who returns home to help run the family funeral home business, in Gainesboro, North Carolina

Anne Morgellyn
  • Louise Moon: mortuary technician at Charity’s (Charitable Hospital of St. Roche Without the Walls) mortuary, in London, England

Barbara Nadel
  • Francis Hancock: undertaker in 1940s London, England

Fran Rizer
  • Calamine “Callie” Parrish: mortuary cosmetologist, in South Carolina

Rebecca Tope
  • Drew Slocombe: former nurse who has become an undertaker in Bradbourne, England

Peggy Webb
  • Callie Valentine Jones: a hairdresser at her Uncle Charlie’s mortuary, Elvis Presley, reincarnated as a basset hound, and Lovie, a caterer, near Tupelo, Mississippi, in the Southern Cousins mysteries

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