Wildlife & Environment
Sandi Ault
  • Jamaica Wild: resource-protection agent for the Bureau of Land Management, in northern New Mexico

Nevada Barr
  • Anna Pigeon: park ranger at various national parks in the USA

Kathleen Bacus
  • Rick Townsend: Department of Natural Resources ranger, and Tressa “Calamity” Jayne Turner, a ditzy blonde who favors pink cowboy boots, mostly in Knoxville, Iowa

Pamela Beason
  • Summer “Sam” Westin: wildlife biologist and writer

C.J. Box
  • Joe Pickett: game warden in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming
Paul Doiron
  • Mike Bowditch: game warden in the wilds of Maine

Jack Du Brul
  • Philip Mercer: engineer, geologist, and eco-warrior

Jan Dunlap
  • Bob White: expert birder and counselor at Savage High School, near the Twin Cities in Minnesota, in the Birder Murder mysteries

Nancy Fairbanks
  • Jason Blue: scientist specializing in how to clean toxins from the environment, and his wife Carolyn, a food writer, in El Paso, Texas

Jacqueline Fiedler
  • Caroline Canfield: wildlife artist in River Ridge, Illinois

Ken Goddard
  • Harry Lightstone: investigator in the Fish and Wildlife Department, in the USA

Christine Goff
  • Birdwatcher Mysteries set in Rocky Mountain National Park, in Colorado

Beth Groundwater
  • Mandy Tanner: seasonal river ranger on the Arkansas River near Salida, Colorado

Joseph Heywood
  • Grady Service: Department of Natural Resources Conservation Officer, in Michigan, in the Woods Cop series

Dave Hugelschaffer
  • Porter Cassel: ranger with the Alberta Forest Service, in Canada
Bill Knox
  • Webb Carrick: chief officer of the Fishery Protection Service in Scotland

David Leitz
  • Max Addams: fly-fisherman and owner of Whitefork Lodge, a bed and breakfast in Vermont

Ann Littlewood
  • Iris Oakley: zookeeper and amateur sleuth at Finley Memorial Zoo, near Vancouver, Washington

Keith McCafferty
  • Sean Stranahan: painter, fly fisherman, and private investigator, and Sheriff Martha Ettinger, in Montana

Karin McQuillan
  • Jazz Jasper: American safari guide in Kenya

Kirk Mitchell
  • Dee Laguerre: Bureau of Land Management ranger in Nevada

Skye Kathleen Moody
  • Venus Diamond: US Fish & Wildlife agent, in Washington

Michael Norman
  • J.D. Books: Bureau of Land Management Law Enforcement Ranger, based in Kanab, Utah
Elizabeth Quinn
  • Lauren Maxwell: investigator for the Wild America Society in Anchorage, Alaska

John Pilkington
  • Thomas Finbow: master falconer in late 16th century London and Berkshire, England

Ben Rehder
  • John Marlin: game warden, and Herbert Mackey, a sheriff, in Blanco County, Texas

Kinley Roby
  • Harry Brock: private investigator, as well as an amateur painter and naturalist, on an island in southwest Florida

Kirk Russell
  • John Marquez: an ex-DEA agent, now an undercover warden with the California Department of Fish and Game

Jessica Speart
  • Rachel Porter: US Fish and Wildlife agent in New Orleans, Louisiana

Mark Stevens
  • Allison Coil: hunting guide in the Flat Tops Wilderness of northwest Colorado

Vidar Sundstøl
  • Lance Hansen: Forest Service officer and the grandson of Norwegian immigrants, in Cook County, Minnesota, on the north shore of Lake Superior, in the Minnesota Trilogy

David Sundstrand
  • Frank Flynn: Bureau of Land Management agent, in the Mojave Desert of southern California, in the Desert Sky mysteries

Marilyn Victor & Michael Allan Mallory
  • Lavender (Snake) Jones, a zookeeper, and her husband Jeff, an Aussie herpetologist, in Minnesota

Randy Wayne White
  • Marion “Doc” Ford: ex-operative, marine biologist in Sanibel Island, Florida
  • Hannah Smith: fishing guide in Florida

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