Larry Karp
Dr. Thomas Purdue, a neurologist and antique music box collector-restorer, in New York City:

The Music Box Murders (1999)

Scamming the Birdman (2001)

The Midnight Special (2001)

Scott Joplin, the African-American composer and pianist (books 1 and 2), and Brun Campbell, the "Ragtime Kid" (books 1 and 3), mostly in Sedalia, Missouri, in the Ragtime trilogy:

The Ragtime Kid (2006) [set 1899]

The King of Ragtime (2008) [set in 1916]

The Ragtime Fool (2010) [set in 1951]

The Ragtime Traveler (2017) [set 1899]
[completed by son Casey Karp]

Bernie Baumgartner, a police detective, in the 1970s in the Pacific Northwest:

A Perilous Conception (2011)


First, Do No Harm (2004)


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