Al Lamanda
Alphonso John Lamanda
John Tibbets, a homeless amnesia victim, starting in Manhattan, New York City:

Walking Homeless (2010)

Running Homeless (2011)

Kellerman, a former Marine, sometimes private investigator, oftentimes hit man for hire, in New York City:

Checkmate (2011)

Lollypops (2011)

Hard Time (2014)

Cold as Ice (2016)

Lee Gavin, a master thief, and his trusty sidekick Ian Nelson, leading an inept and hard luck band of crooks, in New York City:

Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? (2011)

The Cat’s in the Cradle (2011)

Dodos (2012)

John Bekker, a former police detective whose wife was killed and daughter institutionalized after a brutal attack:

Sunset (2012) [review]
Finalist 2013 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

Sunrise (2013)

First Light (2014)
Finalist 2015 Nero Award

This Side of Midnight (2015)
Finalist 2016 Nero Award

With 6 You Get Wally (2016)
2017 Nero Award
Finalist 2017 Shamus Award for Best Novel

Michael DeSousa, an organization hit man in The Bronx and Las Vegas, Nevada:

Just Another Day in the Life (2012)

Second Chance (2012)

Duncan Wyatt, a retired FBI agent, and his exotic-dancer girlfriend Lo-Lo Del Ray, in Key West, Florida:

Key West Takedown (2014)

Key West Winter Blues (2015)

Key West Gatekeeper (2016)

Non-series including a touch of horror, western, and historial:

One Way Ticket (2005)
[written as A.J. Lamanda]

Another Day in the Life (2005)
[originally written as A.J. Lamanda]

Dunston Falls (2008)

The Harbor (2011)

Apocalypse Then (2012)

Local Hero (2012)

Express Riders (2012)

The Inheritance (2012)

Lightning (2012)

Ride to Nowhere (2012)

World War Zero (2012)

Three Card Monte (2012)

Santino the Great (2012) [SS ebook]

Jack (2013)

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