Joe R. Lansdale
Hap Collins, straight and white, and Leonard Pine, gay and black, in East Texas:

Savage Season (1990)

Mucho Mojo (1994)

The Two-Bear Mambo (1995)

Bad Chili (1997)

Rumble Tumble (1998)

Captains Outrageous (2001)

Vanilla Ride (2009)

Hyenas (2011) [novella & SS]

Devil Red (2011)

Dead Aim (2013)

Honky Tonk Samurai (2016)

Hap and Leonard [SS] (2016)

Rusty Puppy (2017)

Jackrabbit Smile (2018)

The Elephant of Surprise (2019)

Of Mice and Minestrone: Hap and Leonard: The Early Years (2020) [SS]

Born for Trouble: The Further Adventures of Hap and Leonard (2022) [SS]


Batman: Captured by Engines (1991)

Terror on the High Skies (1992)


Act of Love (1980)

The Nightrunners (1983)

Cold in July (1989)

By Bizarre Hands (1989) [SS some criminous]

Stories by Mama Lansdale’s Youngest Boy (1991) [SS some criminous]
APA: Bestsellers Guaranteed (1993)
[with one additional story]

Writer of the Purple Rage (1994) [SS some criminous]

A Fist Full of Stories (and Articles) (1996) [SS some criminous]

The Good, the Bad, and the Indifferent (1997) [SS some criminous]

Private Eye Action as You Like It (1998) [SS, with Lewis Shiner]

Waltz of Shadows (1999)

Triple Feature (1999) [SS]

Freezer Burn (1999)

High Cotton (2000) [SS some criminous]

The Bottoms (2000)
2001 Edgar Award for Best Mystery Novel
Finalist 2001 Anthony Award for Best Mystery
Finalist 2000 Hammett Prize

Finalist 2001 Macavity Award for Best Novel

A Fine Dark Line (2003)

Sunset and Sawdust (2004)

Bumper Crop (2004) [SS]

Mad Dog Summer (2004) [SS]

Lost Echoes (2007)

Leather Maiden (2008)

Sanctified and Chicken-Fried: The Portable Lansdale (2009) [SS some criminous]

Crucified Dreams (2011) [SS]

Edge of Dark Water (2012) [review]

The Thicket (2013)

Paradise Sky (2015)

Fender Lizards (2015)

Blood and Lemonade (2017) [TV tie-in]

Jane Goes North (2020)

More Better Deals (2020)

Moon Lake (2021)

Radiant Apples (2021)

The Donut Legion (2023)

Things Get Ugly: The Best Crime Fiction of Joe R. Lansdale (2023)

Written as Jack Buchanan (house pseudonym)
Mark Stone, MIA hunter:

Mountain Massacre (1985)

Saigon Slaughter (1987)

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