John Lawton
Frederick Troy, a police sergeant and later Chief Inspector, from the late 1940s to the 1960s, in London, England:

Black Out (1995)

Old Flames (1996)

A Little White Death (1998)

Riptide (2001)
APA: Bluffing Mr. Churchill (2004)

Blue Rondo (2005)
APA: Flesh Wounds (2005)

Second Violin (2007)

A Lily of the Field (2010)

Friends and Traitors (2017)

Joe Holderness, known as Wilderness, a catburgler, blackmarketeer, and spy for MI-6 with a talent for aquiring languages, beginning in 1947 Berlin:

Then We Take Berlin (2013) [review]

The Unfortunate Englishman (2016)

Hammer to Fall (2020) [review]

Moscow Exile (2023)


Sweet Sunday (2002)


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