Douglas Lindsay
Barney Thomson, a barber, and Scotland’s most notorious and misunderstood serial killer:

The Long Midnight of Barney Thomson (1999)

The Cutting Edge of Barney Thomson (2000)
APA: The Barber Surgeon’s Hairshirt (2013) [ebook]

A Prayer for Barney Thomson (2001)
APA: Murderer’s Anonymous (2013) [ebook]

The King Was in His Counting House (2004)
APA: The Resurrection of Barney Thomson (2013) [ebook]

The Last Fish Supper (2006)

The Haunting of Barney Thomson (2007)

The Final Cut (2009)

Barney Thomson novellas and short stories [ebooks except as noted]:

Barney Thomson and the Face of Death (2002) [print, follows novel #2]
APA: The Face of Death (2013)

The End of Days (2011) [follows novel #7]

Barney Thomson, Zombie Killer (2013)

The Curse of Barney Thomson & Other Stories (2014) [SS]

The Barber Surgeon’s Hairshirt (2013)

Murderers Anonymous (2013)

The Resurrection of Barney Thomson (2013)

Barney Thomson & the Half-Blood PM (????)
APA: The Wormwood Code (2014) [ebook]

Robert Jericho, a detective chief inspector working as a panelist on a hit reality TV show, Britain’s Got Justice, in London, England:

We Are the Hanged Man (2013)

Thomas Hutton, a detective sergeant battling divorce and alcohol, etc., in Glasgow, Scotland:

The Unburied Dead (2013)

A Plague of Crows (2013)

Ben Westphall, a detective inspector in Dingwall, Scotland:

Song of the Dead (2016)


Lost in Juarez (2008)

21 Years on the Back of Dixie Klondyke’s Spanish Guitar (2010)

Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite! (2014) [ebook]

A Room with No Natural Light (2014) [ebook]

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