Michael Lister
John Jordan, a prison chaplain at the Potter Correctional Institution in north Florida:

Power in the Blood (1997)

Blood of the Lamb (2004)

Flesh and Blood (2006) [SS, some criminous]

The Body and the Blood (2010)

Blood Sacrifice (2012)

Rivers to Blood (2014)

Innocent Blood (2015) [prequel]

Blood Money (2015)

Blood Cries (2016) [prequel #2]

Blood Oath (2016)

Blood Work (2017)

Cold Blood (2017)

Blood Shot (2017)

Blood Trail (2018)

Bloodshed (2018)

And the Sea Became Blood (2019)

Blood Lure (2021)

Jimmy Riley, now working as a private detective in 1940s Panama City, Florida, after losing an arm while on the police force:

The Big Goodbye (2011)

The Big Beyond (2013)

The Big Hello (2014)

The Big Bout (2015)

The Big Blast (2016)

Merrick McKnight, a former newspaper reporter, later the police chief in Wewathitcha, Florida:

Thunder Beach (2010)

A Certain Retribution (2014)


Double Exposure (2009)

Burnt Offerings (2012)

Separation Anxiety (2013)

Cataclysmos (2016)

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