Roger Erskine Longrigg

The Desperate Criminals (1971)

Written as Ivor Drummond
Jennifer Norrington, Alessandro Di Ganzarello, and Coleridge Tucker, a James Bond-like trio in London, England:

The Man with the Tiny Head (1969)

The Priests of the Abomination (1970)

The Frog in the Moonflower (1972)

The Jaws of the Watchdog (1973)

The Power of the Bug (1974)

The Tank of Sacred Eels (1976)

The Necklace of Skulls (1977)

A Stench of Poppies (1978)

The Diamonds of Loreta (1980)

Written as Frank Parrish
Don Mallett, a thief and poacher, in Medwell Fratorum, England:

A Fire in the Barley (1977)
Finalist 1980 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

Sting of the Honeybee (1978)

Snare in the Dark (1982)

Bait on the Hook (1983)

Face at the Window (1984)
APA: Death in the Rain (1984)

Fly in the Cobweb (1986)

Caught in the Birdlime (1987)
APA: Bird in the Net (1988)

Voices in the Dark (1993)

Written as Domini Taylor

Mother Love (1983)

Gemini (1984)

Suffer Little Children (1987)
APA: Teacher’s Pet (1987)

Praying Mantis (1988)

Siege (1989)

Not Fair (1992)

The Eye Behind the Curtain (1993)

The Tiffany Lamp (1994)

Pig in the Middle (1996)

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