D.P. Lyle
Douglas P. Lyle
Samantha (Sam) Cody, a former LAPD officer, now a sheriff’s deputy in Mercer Corner, California:

Devil’s Playground (2003)

Double Blind (2003)

Dub Walker, a former crime scene investigator and consultant to the FBI’s Behavioral Assessment Unit, in Huntsville, Alabama:

Stress Fracture (2010)

Hot Lights, Cold Steel (2011)

Run to Ground (2012)

Jake Longly, an ex-professional baseball player working as an investigator for his PI father Ray, in Gulf Shores, Alabama:

Deep Six (2016)
Finalist 2017 Shamus Award for Best First PI Novel

A-List (2017)

Sunshine State (2019)

Rigged (2020)

The OC (2021)

Bobby Cain and Harper McCoy, raised as thieves by an itinerant family and trained in black ops by the US military, available to fix the unfixable:

Skin in the Game (2019)

Royal Pains TV series tie-in:

Royal Pains: First, Do No Harm (2011)

Royal Pains: Sick Rich (2012)


Murder and Mayhem: A Doctor Answers Medical and Forensic Questions from Mystery Writers (2003)

Forensics for Dummies (2004)
2005 Macavity Award for Best Non-fiction
Finalist 2005 Edgar Award for Best Fact Crime

Forensics and Fiction: Clever, Intriguing, and Downright Odd Questions from Crime Writers (2007)

Howdunnit: Forensics, A Guide for Writers (2008)

More Forensics and Fiction: Crime Writers Morbidly Curious Questions Expertly Answered (2012)
Finalist 2012 Agatha Award for Best Non-fiction
Finalist 2013 Anthony Award for Best Critical Nonfiction

Forensic Science (2013)

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