Caribbean Islands Mysteries
M.J. Adamson
  • Sixto Cardenas: Puerto Rican cop, in Puerto Rico, and Balthazar Marten, an NYPD homicide detective

Peggy Blair
  • Ricardo Ramirez: police inspector and head of the Major Crimes Unit in Havana, Cuba

Kathy Brandt
  • Hannah Sampson: CSI diver in the British Virgin Islands
Donald McNutt Douglass
  • Bolivar Manchenil: police captain, and grandson of a freed slave, on an unnamed island in the Caribbean

Quinn Fawcett (Chelsea Quinn Yarbro and Bill Fawcett)
  • Ian Fleming: journalist after a distinguished career as an intelligence operative during World War II in Jamaica

Kate Grilley
  • Kelly Ryan: the general manager of WBZE, on the Caribbean Island of St. Chris

William Haggard
  • William Wilberforce Smith: an aristocratic Caribbean operative in the fictitious Security Executive, a British military intelligence organization
José Latour
  • Elliot Steil: son of an American sugar magnate, later a professor of English at a Cuban college and then working in an import-export business, in Havana, Cuba

Bob Morris
  • Zack Chasteen: former Miami Dolphin linebacker, in Florida and the Caribbean

Jonathan Nasaw
  • E.L. Pender: retirement-aged FBI Special Agent in Oregon, California, and the Virgin Islands
Leonardo Padura
  • Mario Conde: police inspector in Havana, Cuba, in the Havana Quartet and others

John Lawrence Reynolds
  • Joe McGuire: detective lieutenant in Boston, Massachusetts, who drops out to the Bahamas from time to time

Gillian Royes
  • Shad Myers: bartender, private investigator, and unofficial sheriff in a fishing village in Jamaica

Will Staeger
  • W. Cooper: semi-retired CIA operative, and Julie Laramie, a CIA satellite intelligence analyst, in the British Virgin Islands

Nick Stone
  • Max Mingus: ex-cop private investigator, in Miami, Florida, and Haiti

Steven Torres
  • Luis Gonzalo: policeman in Puerto Rico

Stella Whitelaw
  • Casey Jones: cruise director on the luxury cruise ship Countess Georgina, in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean

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