Philip MacDonald
Anthony Ruthven Gethryn, a sleuth and sometime intelligence officer, son of an English squire and a Spanish actress:

The Rasp (1924)

The White Crow (1928)

The Link (1930)

The Noose (1930)

The Choice (1931)
APA: The Polferry Riddle (1931)
APA: The Polferry Mystery (1932)

Persons Unknown (1931)
APA: The Maze (1932)

The Wraith (1931)

The Crime Conductor (1931)

Rope to Spare (1932)

Death on My Left (1933)

The Nursemaid Who Disappeared (1938)
APA: Warrant for X (1938)

List of Adrian Messenger (1959)
Finalist 1960 Edgar Award for Best Mystery


Rynox (1930)
APA: The Rynox Murder Mystery (1931)
APA: The Rynox Mystery (1933)
APA: The Rynox Murder (1965)

Harbour (1931)
[written as Anthony Lawless]

Murder Gone Mad (1931)

Mystery at Friar's Pardon1 (1931)

Mystery in Kensington Gore1 (1932)
APA: Escape (1932)

R.I.P. (1933)
APA: Menace (1933)

X. v. Rex1 (1933)
APA: Mystery of the Dead Police (1933)
APA: The Mystery of Mr. X1 (1934)

Glitter (1934)

The Dark Wheel (1948)
[with A. Boyd Correll]
APA: Sweet and Deadly (1959)

Something To Hide2 (1952) [SS]
APA: Fingers of Fear and Other Stories (1953)

Guest in the House (1955)
APA: No Time for Terror (1956)

The Man out of the Rain and Other Stories (1955) [SS]

Death and Chicanery (1962) [SS]

Written as Oliver Fleming, the joint pseudonym of Philip MacDonald and his father Ronald:

Ambrotox and Limping Dick (1920)

The Spandau Squid (1923)

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