Jessica Mann
Thea Crawford, an archaeology professor in England:

The Only Security (1972)
APA: Troublecross (1973)

Captive Audience (1975)

Tamara Hoyland, a British secret agent and archaeologist, in England:

Funeral Sites (1982)

No Man’s Island (1983)

Grave Goods (1984)

A Kind of Healthy Grave (1986)

Death Beyond the Nile (1988)

Faith, Hope and Homicide (1991)

The Stroke of Death (2016)


A Charitable End (1971)

Mrs. Knox’s Profession (1972)

The Sticking Place (1974)

The Eighth Deadly Sin (1976)

The Sting of Death (1978)

Telling Only Lies (1992)

A Private Inquiry1 (1996)
Finalist 1996 Gold Dagger Award

Hanging Fire (1997)

The Survivor’s Revenge (1998)

Under a Dark Sun (2000)

The Voice from the Grave1 (2002)

The Mystery Writer (2006)

Dead Woman Walking1 (2013)


Deadlier than the Male: Why Are Respectable English Women So Good at Murder? (1981)
APA: Deadlier than the Male: An Investigation into Feminine Crime Writing (1981)

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