Dan J. Marlowe
Dan James Marlowe
Johnny Killain, a hotel detective at the Hotel Duarte and part-time private investigator, in New York City:

Doorway to Death (1959)

Killer with a Key (1959)

Doom Service (1960)

The Fatal Frails (1960)

Shake a Crooked Town (1961)

Earl Drake, a bank robber, killer, and part-time tree surgeon, later a secret agent:

The Name of the Game Is Death (1962)
APA: Operation Overkill1 (revised 1973)

One Endless Hour (1969)
APA: Operation Endless Hour1 (1975)

Operation Fireball (1969)

Flashpoint (1970)
APA: Operation Flashpoint (1972)
1971 Edgar Award for Best Paperback

Operation Breakthrough (1971)

Operation Drumfire (1972)

Operation Checkmate (1972)

Operation Stranglehold (1973)

Operation Whiplash (1973)

Operation Hammerlock (1974)

Operation Deathmaker (1975)

Operation Counterpunch (1976)


Backfire (1961)

Strongarm (1963)

Never Live Twice (1964)

Death Deep Down (1965)

Four for the Money (1966)

The Vengeance Man (1966)

The Raven Is a Blood Red Bird (1967)
[written with William C. Odell]

Route of the Red Gold (1967)

Guerrilla Games2 (1982)


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