Stephen Marlowe
Milton Lesser
Chester Drum, an ex-FBI agent private investigator, venturing around the world:

The Second Longest Night (1955)

Mecca for Murder (1956)

Killers Are My Meat (1957)

Murder Is My Dish (1957)

Trouble Is My Name (1957)

Violence Is My Business (1958)

Terror Is My Trade (1958)

Double in Trouble (1959)
[with Richard S. Prather]

Homicide Is My Game (1959)

Danger Is My Line (1960)

Death Is My Comrade (1960)

Peril Is My Pay (1960)

Manhunt Is My Mission (1961)

Jeopardy Is My Job (1962)

Francesca (1963)

Drumbeat—Berlin (1964)

Drumbeat—Dominique1 (1965)

Drumbeat—Madrid (1966)

Drumbeat—Erica (1967)

Drumbeat—Marianne (1968)


Catch the Brass Ring (1954)

Turn Left for Murder (1955)

Model for Murder (1955)

Dead on Arrival (1956)

Blonde Bait (1959)

Passport to Peril (1959)

The Search for Bruno Heidler (1966)

Come Over, Red Rover (1968)

The Summit (1970)

Colossus (1972)

The Man with No Shadow (1974)

The Cawthorn Journals (1975)
APA: Too Many Chiefs (1977)

Translation (1976)

The Valkyrie Encounter (1978)

Deborah’s Legacy (1983)

Written as C.H. Thames

Violence Is Golden (1956)

Blood of My Brother (1963)

Written as Jason Ridgway
Brian Guy, a private investigator, in New York City:

Adam’s Fall (1960)

People in Glass Houses (1961)

Hardly a Man Is Now Alive (1962)

The Treasure of the Cosa Nostra (1966)

Written as Jason Ridgway

West Side Jungle (1958)

Written as Andrew Frazer

Find Eileen Hardin—Alive! (1959)

The Fall of Marty Moon (1960)

Written as Ellery Queen

Dead Man’s Tale (1961)


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