Van Wyck Mason
Francis Van Wyck Mason
Hugh North, a US Army intelligence officer, a captain at first, finally colonel, serving around the world as G-2’s greatest troubleshooter:

Seeds of Murder (1930)

The Vesper Service Murders1 (1931)

The Fort Terror Murders2, 4 (1931)

The Yellow Arrow Murders1 (1932)

The Branded Spy Murders1 (1932)

Spider House (1932)

The Shanghai Bund Murders2 (1933)
APA: The China Sea Murders (revised ed. 1959)

The Sulu Sea Murders2 (1933)

The Budapest Parade Murders (1935)

Washington Legation Murders3 (1935)

The Seven Seas Murders (1936) [four novellas]
APA: Munition Ship Murders (1941) [two novellas]
APA: Shanghai Sanctuary (1941) [one novella]

The Castle Island Case (1937)
[written with Henry Clay Gipson]
APA: The Multimillion-Dollar Murders (revised ed. 1960)
[written also with Hugh North]

The Hong Kong Airbase Murders3 (1937)

The Cairo Garter Murders4 (1938)

The Singapore Exile Murders3 (1939)

The Bucharest Ballerina Murders (1940)

The Rio Casino Intrigue4 (1941)

Saigon Singer (1946)

Dardanelles Derelict (1949)

Himalayan Assignment (1952)

Two Tickets for Tangier (1955)

The Gracious Lily Affair (1957)

Secret Mission to Bangkok (1960)

Trouble in Bruma (1962)

Zanzibar Intrigue (1963)

Maracaibo Mission (1965)

The Deadly Orbit Mission (1968)

Written as Geoffrey Coffin [joint pseudonym with Helen Brawner]:
Scott Stuart, a Justice Department inspector in Washington, DC:

Murder in the Senate (1935)

The Forgotten Fleet Mystery (1936)

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