Ann Maxwell
Ann Elizabeth Maxwell

The Diamond Tiger (1992)
APA: Death Is Forever (2004)
[written as Elizabeth Lowell]

The Ruby (1995)
APA: Whirlpool (2006)
[written as Elizabeth Lowell]

The Secret Sisters (1993)
APA: The Secret Sister (2005)
[written as Elizabeth Lowell]

Shadow and Silk (1997)

The Golden Mountain (1990)
[written as Annalise Sun]
APA: Golden Mountain (revised ed. 2011) [ebook]
[written as Elizabeth Lowell]

Thunderheart (1992)
[written as Lowell Charters]

Other fiction, mostly science fiction:

Change (1975)

The Singer Enigma (1976)

A Dead God Dancing (1979)

Name of a Shadow (1980)

The Jaws of Menx (1981)

Fire Dancer1 (1982)

Summer Thunder (1983)
[also published as by Elizabeth Lowell]
APA: Desert Rain (1996)
[written as Elizabeth Lowell]

Dancer’s Luck1 (1983)

Dancer’s Illusion1 (1983)

A.E. Maxwell
joint pseudonym of Ann Maxwell and Evan Lowell Maxwell [1943-]

Fiddler and Fiora Flynn, a knight-errant and an investment banker, in Crystal Cove, California:

Just Another Day in Paradise (1985)

The Frog and the Scorpion (1986)

Gatsby’s Vineyard (1987)

Just Enough Light To Kill (1988)

The Art of Survival (1989)

Money Burns (1991)

The King of Nothing (1992)

Murder Hurts (1993)


Steal the Sun (1981)

Timeshadow Rider (1986)
[written as Lowell Charters]

Other fiction, historical romance:

Golden Empire (1979)

Redwood Empire (1987)

Written as Elizabeth Lowell
Members of the Donovan family, involved in a global gem-trading empire, based in Seattle, Washington:

Amber Beach (1997)

Jade Island (1998)

Pearl Cove (1999)

Midnight in Ruby Bayou (2000)

The Rarities Unlimited series:

Moving Target (2001)

Running Scared (2002)

Die in Plain Sight (2003)

The Color of Death (2004)

Various people associated with St. Kilda Consulting, a Manhattan-based, global business that concentrates on the shadow world where governments can’t go:

Always Time To Die (2005)

The Wrong Hostage (2006)

Innocent as Sin (2007)

Blue Smoke and Murder (2008)

Death Echo (2010)


Beautiful Sacrifice (2012)

Dangerous Refuge (2013)

Night Diver (2014)

Perfect Touch (2015)

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