Victor Methos
Jon Stanton, a homicide detective whose former partner turned out to be a serial killer, in San Diego, California:

The White Angel Murder (2011)

Walk in Darkness (2012)

Sin City Homicide (2012)

Arsonist (2012)

The Porn Star Murders (2013)

Sociopath (2013)

Black Widow (2013)

Run Away (2014)

Mania (2015)

Peak Road (2015) [ebook short novel]

Purgatory (2017)

Dr. Samantha Bower of the Center for Disease Control, in the Plague Trilogy:

Plague (2012)

Pestilence (2013)

Scourge (2014)

Brigham Theodore, a criminal defense attorney at a seedy law firm, in Salt Lake City, Utah:

The Neon Lawyer (2013)

Mercy (2016)

Mickey Parsons, a Special Agent with the FBI Behavioral Science Unit:

The Murder of Janessa Hennley (2013)

The Bastille (2014)

Sarah King, an outcast Pennsylvania Amish who speaks to the dead, and a Special Agent with the FBI Behavioral Science Unit:

Blood Dahlia (2014)

Murder 42 (2015)

Kyle Dixon and Ethan Baudin, police detectives in Cheyenne, Wyoming:

Vanished (2015)

The Unseen (2015)

The Veiled (2017)

Jessica Yardley, a prosecutor once married to a killer, in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the Desert Plains series:

A Killer’s Wife (2020)

Crimson Lake Road (2021)

An Unreliable Truth (2021)

Solomon Shepard, an attourney, and Billie Gray, a sheriff, in Utah, in the Shepard & Gray series:

The Secret Witness (2022)

The Grave Singer (2023)

The Deceiving Look (2024)

Non-series thrillers and court-room dramas:

The Extinct (2012)

Savage (2012)

Sea Creature (2012)

Clone Hunter (2012)

Earl Lindquist (2012)

Murder Corporation (2012)

Superhero (2012)

Black Sky (2013)

Diary of an Assassin (2013)

Serial Murder (2013)

Titanoboa (2014)

An Invisible Client (2016)

A Gambler’s Jury (2018)
Finalist 2019 Edgar Award for Best Mystery

The Shotgun Lawyer (2018)

The Hallows (2019)

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