James Mitchell
James William Mitchell
David Callan, a British agent in the eternal struggle with the KGB, mostly in England:

A Magnum for Schneider (1969)
APA: A Red File for Callan (1971)
APA: Callan (1974)

Russian Roulette (1973)

Death and Bright Water (1974)

Smear Job (1975)

Ron Hoggett, a private investigator with expertise at finding lost things, based in London, England:

Sometimes You Could Die (1985)

Dead Ernest (1986)

Dying Day (1988)


Here’s a Villain! (1957)
APA: The Lady Is Waiting (1958)

A Way Back (1959)
Finalist 1959 CrossedRed Herrings Award

Steady, Boys, Steady (1960)

Among Arabian Sands (1963)

Ilion Like a Mist (1969)
APA: Venus in Plastic (1970)

The Winners (1970)

The Evil Ones (1982)

KGB Kill (1987)

Written as Patrick O. McGuire1:

A Time for Murder (1955)

Fiesta for Murder (1962)

Written as James Munro
John Craig, a violent but ethical British Intelligence agent working for Department K:

The Man Who Sold Death (1964)

Die Rich, Die Happy (1965)

The Money that Money Can’t Buy (1967)

The Innocent Bystanders (1969)

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