Laurie Moore
Merry Laureen Moore
Jinx Porter, a constable in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas:

Constable’s Run (2002)

Constable’s Apprehension (2003)

Constable’s Wedding (2005)

Cézanne Martin, a cop turned lawyer in Fort Worth, Texas:

The Lady Godiva Murder (2002)

The Wild Orchid Society (2004)

Jury Rigged (2008)

Aspen Wicklow, a news anchor in Dallas, Texas in the Dallas/Fort Worth TV News romantic suspense series:

Woman Strangled — News at Ten (2009)

Couple Gunned Down — News at Ten1 (2011)

Dainty Prescott, a former debutante and intern at WBFD-TV in Fort Worth, Texas, in the Debutante Detective romantic suspense series:

Deb on Arrival — Live at Five (2010)

Wanted Deb or Alive (2011)

Deb On Air — Live at Five (2013)

Dawn of the Deb (2015)


Getting Mama Out of Hell (2014)


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