Carlene O’Connor
Mary P. Carter
Siobhán O’Sullivan, running Naomi’s Bistro, named for her mother, in Kilbane, County Cork, Ireland, in the Irish Village mysteries:

Murder in an Irish Village (2016)

Murder at an Irish Wedding (2017)

Murder in an Irish Churchyard (2018)

Murder in an Irish Pub (2019)

Murder in an Irish Cottage (2020)

Murder at an Irish Christmas (2020)

Murder in an Irish Bookshop (2021)

Murder on an Irish Farm (2022)

Murder at an Irish Bakery (2023)

Tara Meehan, a New Yorker carrying her mother’s ashes back to Ireland, in the Home to Ireland mysteries:

Murder in Galway (2020)

Murder in Connemara (2021)

Cormac O’Brien, a detective inspector based in Killarney, Ireland, in the County Kerry mysteries:

No Strangers Here (2022)

Some of Us Are Looking (2023)

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