Kenneth O’Hara
Margaret Jean Morris
Dr. Alun Barry in England:

A View to a Death (1958)

Sleeping Dogs Lying (1960)


Underhandover (1961)

Double Cross Purposes (1962)

Unknown Man, Seen in Profile (1967)

The Bird-Cage (1968)
Finalist 1968 Gold Dagger Award

The Company of St. George (1972)

The Delta Knife (1976)

The Ghost of Thomas Penry (1977)

The Searchers of the Dead (1979)

Nightmare’s Nest (1982)

Death of a Moffy (1987)

Non-series mystery written as Jean Morris:

Man and Two Gods (1953)

Other fiction written as Jean Morris:

Half of a Story (1957)

The Adversary (1959)

The Blackamoor’s Urn (1962)

A Dream of Fair Children (1966)

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