Milton K. Ozaki
Androcles Caldwell, a psychology professor at North University, his “Watson,” Bendy Brinks, and Lt. Percy Phelan, a homicide detective, in Chicago, Illinois:

The Cuckoo Clock1 (1946)
APA: Too Many Women (1950)
APA: Shake Hands with the Devil (1954)

A Fiend in Need (1947)

The Dummy Murder Case (1951)
APA: Dummy for Death (1956)


The Deadly Pickup (1953)

Dressed To Kill (1954)

Maid for Murder (1955)

Never Say Die (1956)
APA: Take-Off to Murder (1957)

Case of the Deadly Kiss (1957)

Case of the Cop’s Wife (1958)

Wake Up and Scream (1959)

Inquest (1960)

Written as Robert O. Saber
Carl Good2, a short 40-something private investigator, in Chicago, Illinois:

The Deadly Lover (1951)

The Dove (1951)
APA: Chicago Woman (1953)
APA: Model for Murder (1955)

The Scented Flesh (1951)
APA: Marked for Murder (1955)

Murder Doll (1952)
[as Milton K. Ozaki (1959)]
APA: Too Cute To Kill (1957)

Too Young To Die (1954)

Sucker Bait (1955)

Written as Robert O. Saber
Max Keene3, in Chicago, Illinois:

A Dame Called Murder (1955)

A Time for Murder (1956)

Written as Robert O. Saber

The Black Dark Murders (1949)
APA: Out of the Night (1954)

The Affair of the Frigid Blonde (1950)
APA: The Deadly Blonde (1953)

City of Sin (1952)
[as Milton K. Ozaki (1962)]
APA: Murder Honeymoon (1953)

No Way Out (1952)
APA: Borrowed Time (1955)
[written as Mark Shane]

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