Sharon Pape
Sharon B. Pape
Rory (Aurora) McCain, a former police sketch artist, now a private investigator sharing a house with the ghost of Federal Marshal Zeke (Ezekiel) Drummond in Huntington, Long Island, New York, in the Portrait of Crime mysteries:

Sketch Me If You Can (2010)

To Sketch a Thief (2011) [review]

Sketch a Falling Star (2012)

Kailyn Wilde, a modern day witch of ancient lineage running a potient shop in upstate New York, in the Abracadabra mysteries:

Magick & Mayhem (2017)

That Olde White Magick (2017)

Magick Run Amok (2018)

Magickal Mystery Lore (2019)

Other fiction:

Ghostfire (1983)

The Godchildren (1986)

The Portal (1994)

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