Eliot Pattison
Shan Tao Yun, a Chinese bureaucrat imprisoned in a Himalayan labor camp:

The Skull Mantra (1999) [review]
2000 Edgar Award for Best First Novel
Finalist 2000 Gold Dagger Award

Water Touching Stone (2001)

Bone Mountain (2002)

Beautiful Ghosts (2004)

Prayer of the Dragon (2007)

The Lord of Death (2009)

Mandarin Gate (2012)

Soul of the Fire (2014)

Skeleton God (2017)

Bones of the Earth (2019)

Duncan McCallum, a Scottish prisoner transported to Colonial America:

Bone Rattler (2007) [review]

Eye of the Raven (2010)

Original Death (2013)

Blood of the Oak (2016)

Savage Liberty (2018)

The King’s Beast (2020)

Hadrian Boone, a co-founder of the colony of Carthage, located near the Great Lakes, in Post-Apocalyptic 21st century America:

Ashes of the Earth (2011)


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