Thomas Perry
An anonymous hit-man, called Michael Schaeffer, in Las Vegas, Nevada, and later in England in the Butcher’s Boy series:

The Butcher’s Boy (1982) [review]
1983 Edgar Award for Best First Novel
Finalist 1982 New Blood Dagger Award

Sleeping Dogs (1992)

The Informant (2011)
2012 Barry Award for Best Thriller
Finalist 2011 Hammett Prize

Eddie’s Boy (2020) [review]
2021 Barry Award for Best Thriller

Jane Whitefield, a Native American (Seneca) guide who helps people disappear, based in Deganawida, New York:

Vanishing Act (1995)

Dance for the Dead (1996)
Finalist 1997 Barry Award for Best Novel
Finalist 1997 Dilys Award

Shadow Woman (1997)

The Face Changers (1998)

Blood Money (1999)

Runner (2009)

Poison Flower (2012)

A String of Beads (2015)

The Left-Handed Twin (2021)

Jack Till, a retired LAPD homicide detective, now working as a private investigator in Los Angeles, California:

Silence (2007)
Finalist 2008 Barry Award for Best Thriller

The Boyfriend (2013)


Metzger’s Dog (1983)

Big Fish (1985)

Island (1987)

Death Benefits (2001)

Pursuit (2001)

Dead Aim (2002)

Nightlife (2006)

Fidelity (2008)

Strip (2010)

Forty Thieves (2016)

The Old Man (2017) [review]
Finalist 2018 Barry Award for Best Thriller
Finalist 2018 Macavity Award for Best Mystery

The Bomb Maker (2018)

The Burglar (2019) [review]
Finalist 2020 Barry Award for Best Thriller

A Small Town (2019)

Murder Book (2023) [review]

Hero (2024)

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