Eden Phillpotts
John Ringrose, a retired Scotland Yard detective, in England:

A Voice from the Dark (1925)

The Marylebone Miser (1926)
APA: Jig-Saw (1926)

Avis Bryden, an amoral widow determined never to be poor again, in England:

Bred in the Bone (1932)

A Shadow Passes (1933)

Witch’s Caldron (1933)

Non-series, many set in Devon and Cornwall, England:

My Adventure in the Flying Scotsman: A Romance of London and North-Western Railway Shares (1888)

The End of a Life (1891)

A Tiger’s Cub (1892)

Down Dartmoor Way (1896) [SS, some crime]

Loup-Garou! (1899) [SS, some crime]

Fancy Free (1901) [SS, some crime]

The Striking Hours (1901) [SS, some crime]

The Transit of the Red Dragon, and Other Tales (1903) [SS]

Knock at a Venture (1905) [SS, some crime]

The Sinews of War (1906) [written with Arnold Bennett]
APA: The Doubloons (1906)

The Unlucky Number (1906) [SS, some crime]

The Folk Afield (1907) [SS, some crime]

The Statue (1908) [written with Arnold Bennett]

The Fun of the Fair (1909) [SS, some crime]

Tales of the Tenements (1910) [SS]

The Three Knaves (1912)

The Old Time Before Them (1913) [SS, some crime]
APA: Told at the Plume (revised ed. 1921)

The Judge’s Chair (1914) [SS]

The Master of Merripit (1914)

Miser’s Money (1920)

The Grey Room (1921)

Black, White, and Brindled (1923) [SS]

The Red Redmaynes (1923)

Up Hill, Down Dale (1925) [SS, some crime]

Peacock House and Other Mysteries (1926) [SS]
APA: The End of Count Rollo and Other Stories [selection] (1946)

It Happened Like That (1927) [SS]

The Jury (1927)

The Torch and Other Tales (1929) [SS, some crime]

Cherry Gambol and Other Stories (1930) [SS, some crime]

“Found Drowned” (1931)

A Clue from the Stars (1932)

The Captain’s Curio (1933)

Mr. Digweed & Mr. Lumb (1933)

They Could Do No Other (1933) [SS, some crime]

The Wife of Elias (1935)

Physician, Heal Thyself! (1935)
APA: The Anniversary Murder (1936)

A Close Call (1936)

Once Upon a Time (1936) [SS]

Lycanthrope, the Mystery of Sir William Wolf (1937)

Portrait of a Scoundrel (1938)

Monkshood (1939)

Awake Deborah! (1940)

A Deed Without a Name (1941)

Ghostwater (1941)

Flower of the Gods (1942)

They Were Seven (1944)

The Changeling (1944)

The Courting of Nicholas, and Other Stories (1944) [SS, some crime]

There Was an Old Woman (1947)

Fall of the House of Heron (1948)

Address Unknown (1949)

Dilemma (1949)

George and Georgina (1952)

The Hidden Hand (1952)

There Was an Old Man (1959)

Written as Harrington Hext

Number 87 (1922)

The Thing at Their Heels (1923)

Who Killed Diana? (1924)
APA: Who Killed Cock Robin? (1924)

The Monster (1925)

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