Joyce Porter
Eddie Brown, a comic spy in England:

Sour Cream with Everything (1966)

The Chinks in the Curtain (1967)

Neither a Candle nor a Pitchfork (1969)

Only with a Bargepole (1971)

Honorable Constance Ethel Morrison-Burke, a comic senior sleuth in England:

Rather a Common Sort of Crime (1970)

A Meddler and Her Murder (1972)

The Package Included Murder (1975)

Who the Heck Is Sylvia (1977)

The Cart Before then Crime (1979)

Wilfred Dover, a fat lout of a Chief Inspector in England:

Dover One (1964)

Dover Two (1965)

Dover Three (1965)

Dover and the Unkindest Cut of All (1967)

Dover Goes to Pott (1968)

Dover Fails to Make His Mark (1970)

Dover Strikes Again (1970)

A Terrible Drag for Dover (1971)

It’s Murder with Dover (1973)

Dover and the Claret Tappers (1976)

When Dover Gets Knotted (1977)

Dover Doesn’t Dilly-Dally (1978)

Dead Easy for Dover (1978)

Dover Beats the Band (1980)

Dover: The Collected Short Stories1 [SS] (1995)

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