Richard Powell
Richard Pitts Powell
Andy Blake, an antique dealer, and his adventurous sharpshooting wife Arab (Arabella):

Don’t Catch Me (1943)
APA: The Case of the Curious Chair (1944)

All Over But the Shooting (1944)
APA: Death Talks Out of Turn (1944) [abridged]

Lay That Pistol Down (1945)

Shoot If You Must (1946)

And Hope To Die (1947)


Shark River (1950)
APA: On the Hook (1954)

Shell Game (1950)

A Shot in the Dark (1952)
APA: Leave Murder to Me (1952)

Say It with Bullets (1953)

False Colors (1955)
APA: Masterpiece in Murder (1956)

Other fiction:

The Build-Up Boys (1951) [written as Jeremy Kirk]

The Philadelphian (1956)

Pioneer, Go Home! (1959)

The Soldier (1960)

I Take This Land (1963)

Daily and Sunday (1965)

Don Quixote, U.S.A. (1966)

Tickets to the Devil (1968)

Whom the Gods Would Destroy (1970)

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