Peter Rabe
Peter Rabinowitsch
Daniel Port, a gangster who leaves a midwest syndicate and travels the country helping others go straight:

Dig My Grave Deep1 (1956)

It’s My Funeral1 (1957)

The Out Is Death1 (1957)

The Cut of the Whip (1958)

Bring Me Another Corpse (1959)

Time Enough To Die (1959)

Manny DeWitt, a lawyer for an international firm, Lobbe Industriel, who becomes a spy:

Girl in a Big Brass Bed (1965)

The Spy Who Was Three Feet Tall (1966)

Code Name Gadget (1967)


Benny Muscles In (1955)

A Shroud for Jesso (1955)

Stop This Man! (1955)

A House in Naples (1956)

Kill the Boss Good-By (1956)

Agreement To Kill (1957)

Journey into Terror (1957)

Blood on the Desert (1958)

Mission for Vengeance (1958)

Anatomy of a Killer (1960)

Murder Me for Nickels (1960)

My Lovely Executioner (1960)

The Box (1962)

War of the Dons (1972)

Black Mafia (1974)

Written as J.T. MacCargo
Joe Mannix, a private investigator in Los Angeles, California, in “Mannix” TV series novelizations:

The Faces of Murder (1975)

A Fine Day for Dying (1975)

A Walk On the Blind Side (1975)

Round Trip to Nowhere (1975)

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