Hugh C. Rae
Hugh Crauford Rae
McCaig, a detective inspector, later superintendent, in Scotland:
A Few Small Bones (1968)
APA: The House at Balnesmoor (1969)

The Shooting Gallery (1972)
Finalist 1973 Edgar Award for Best Mystery


Skinner (1965)

Night Pillow (1967)

The Interview (1969)

The Saturday Epic (1970)

The Marksman (1971)

Two for the Grave (1972)
[written as R.B. Houston]

The Rock Harvest (1973)

The Rookery: A Novel of the Victorian Underground (1974)

Sullivan (1978)

The Haunting at Waverley Falls (1980)

Written as Robert Crawford [some titles reprinted as Hugh C. Rae]
Arthur Salisbury and Frank Shearer in England:

Cockleburr (1969)
APA: Pay as You Die (1971)

The Shroud Society (1969)

Kiss the Boss Goodbye (1970) [1971]

The Badger’s Daughter (1971) [1974]

Whip Hand (1972) [1974]

Written as Stuart Stern [joint pseudonym with S. Ungar]:

The Minotaur Factor (1977)

The Poison Tree (1978)

Written as Jessica Stirling
Jim Kinsella, a detective inspector in early 20th century Dublin, Ireland:

Whatever Happened to Molly Bloom? (2014)

Written as Jessica Stirling
Non-series romantic suspense:

Lantern for the Dark (1992)

The Workhouse Girl (1996)

Wives at War (2003)

Blessings in Disguise (2006)

The Fields of Fortune (2007)

A Corner of the Heart (2010)

The Wayward Wife (2013)

The Constant Star (2014) [sequel]

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