Fay Sampson
Suzie Fewings, a genealogist discovering interesting secrets in her family history, in England:

In the Blood (2009)

A Malignant House (2010)

Those in Peril (2010)

Father Unknown (2011)

The Overlooker (2012)

Beneath the Soil (2014)

Aidan and Jenny Davison, and their seven-year-old daughter Melangell, come to the House of the Hare hotel, in Pennant Melangell, North Wales:

The Hunted Hare (2012)

Death on Lindisfarne (2013)

Hilary Masters, a retired teacher, and her recently widowed friend Veronica Taylor, in the West Country mysteries:

The Wounded Thorn (2015)

The Wounded Snake (2019)


A Casket of Earth (1997)


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