Michael Slade
(at various times John Banks, Jay Clarke, Lee Clarke, Richard Covell, and Rebecca Clarke:
currently Jay and Rebecca Clarke)
Robert De Clerq, Zinc Chandler, and Nick Craven, members of the Special X department of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada:

Headhunter (1984)

Ghoul (1987)

Cutthroat (1992)

Ripper (1994)

Evil Eye (1996)
APA: Zombie (1996)

Primal Scream (1998)
APA: Shrink (1998)

Burnt Bones (1999)

Hangman (2000)

Death’s Door (2002)

Bed of Nails (2003)

Swastika (2005)

Kamikaze (2006)


Crucified (2008)

Red Snow (2010)

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