Linda Stratmann
Frances Doughty, the young daughter of a pharmacist, and an amateur sleuth (later professional detective), in Victorian London, England:

The Poisonous Seed (2011)

The Daughters of Gentlemen (2012)

A Case of Doubtful Death (2013)

True crime:

Essex Murders (2004)

Gloucestershire Murders (2005)

The Crooks Who Conned Millions: True Stories of Fraudsters and Charlatans (2006)
APA: Fraudsters and Charlatans: A Peek at Some of History's Greatest Rogues (2010)

Kent Murders (2009)

Greater London Murders: 33 True Stories of Revenge, Jealousy, Greed & Lust (2010)

Middlesex Murders (2010)

More Essex Murders (2011)

Cruel Deeds and Dreadful Calamities: The Illustrated Police News 1864-1938 (2011)

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