Julian Symons
Inspector Bland in England:

A Man Called Jones1 (1947)

Bland Beginning (1949)

Inspector Crambo:

The Narrowing Circle (1954)

The Pipe Dream (1958)
APA: The Gigantic Shadow

Francis Quarles:

Murder! Murder! (1961) [SS]

Francis Quarles Investigates (1965) [SS]

The Detections of Francis Quarles (2006) [SS]

Sheridan Haynes, a Sherlock Holmes actor, in England:

A Three-Pipe Problem (1975)

The Kentish Manor Murders (1988)


The Immaterial Murder Case (1945)

The 31st of February2 (1950)
APA: The Thirty-First of February3 (1950)

The Broken Penny (1953)

The Paper Chase (1956)
APA: Bogue’s Fortune (1957)

The Colour of Murder (1957)
1957 Crossed Red Herrings Award

The Progress of a Crime2 (1960)
1961 Edgar Award for Best Mystery
Finalist 1960 Gold Dagger Award

The Plain Man (1962)
APA: The Killing of Francie Lake (1962)

The End of Solomon Grundy2 (1964)
Finalist 1964 Gold Dagger Award

The Belting Inheritance (1965)
Finalist 1965 Gold Dagger Award

The Man Who Killed Himself (1967)
Finalist 1967 Gold Dagger Award

The Man Whose Dreams Came True (1968)
Finalist 1968 Gold Dagger Award

The Man Who Lost His Wife (1970)

The Players and the Game (1972)
Finalist 1972 Gold Dagger Award

The Plot Against Roger Rider (1973)

Ellery Queen presents Julian Symons’ How to Trap a Crook and Twelve Other Mysteries (1977) [SS]

The Blackheath Poisonings: A Victorian Murder Mystery (1978)
Finalist 1978 Gold Dagger Award

Sweet Adelaide (1980)
Finalist 1980 Gold Dagger Award

Critical Observations (1981)

The Tigers of Subtopia: And Other Stories (1982) [SS]

The Detling Murders (1982)
APA: The Detling Secret (1983)

The Name of Annabel Lee (1983)

The Criminal Comedy of the Contented Couple (1985)
APA: A Criminal Comedy (1986)
Finalist 1985 Gold Dagger Award

Death’s Darkest Face (1990)

Something Like a Love Affair (1992)

Playing Happy Families (1995)

The Man Who Hated Television (1995) [SS]

A Sort of Virtue: A Political Crime Novel (1996)

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